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The By-Laws of the Defense Association Of New York, Inc.

The purposes of this corporation shall be to bring together by association, communication and organization attorneys and qualified non-attorneys in the State of New York who devote a substantial amount of their professional time to the handling of litigated cases and whose representation in such cases is primarily for the defense and also those whose practice consists in representing insurance companies, self-insured firms and corporate defendants; to continue to improve the services of the legal profession to the public; to provide for the exchange among the members of this association of such information, ideas, techniques, procedure and court rulings relating to the handling of litigation as are calculated to enhance the knowledge and improve the skills of defense lawyers; to elevate the standard of trial practice and develop, establish and secure court adoption or approval of a high standard code of trial conduct in court matters; to support and work for the improvement of the adversary system of jurisprudence in our courts and facilitate and expedite the trial of lawsuits; to initiate a program of education and information in law schools in emphasizing trial practice for defense attorneys; to inform its members and their clients of developments in the courts and legislatures affecting their practice and by proper and legitimate means to aid in such developments when they are in the public interest; to establish and educational program to disseminate knowledge by means of seminars and other pedagogical methods on trial techniques for the defense; to promote improvements in the administration of justice; to encourage prompt and adequate payment of every just personal injury claim and to present effective resistance to every non-meritorious or inflated claim; to advance the equitable and expeditious handling of disputes arising under all forms of insurance and surety contracts; to take part in programs of public education that promote safety and help reduce losses and costs resulting from accidents of all kinds. 

The Defense Association of New York
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